All manner of
Taxidermy & Natural History items.

Listed on this page some of the specific items we are seeking to purchase.
We consistently pay TOP PRICES for genuine quality items.

We offer sellers a discreet, prompt and hassle free service at all times. Our reputation assures the seller they are dealing with genuine serious buyers.

Please CONTACT US if you have any of the following you may wish to sell.

Taxidermy by H.Murray & Son

We seek to purchase anything by H.Murray & Son.
Picture frame cases particularly sought
Birds, mammals, fish.
Letterheads, invoices, business cards are all required.

Freak & Deformed Taxidermy Wanted

Birds, Mammals, Fish, Domestic & Farm animals all required.

Cased or uncased,
carcasses also purchased.

We also require images and ephemera relating to this subject.

Anything genuine considered (please, no sideshow gaffs)

Albino, White, Pied, Leucistic & Melanistic Taxidermy specimens wanted.

Birds, mammals cased & uncased required.

Albino/White owls & birds of prey particularly sought.

Peter Spicer

Cases of birds wanted, also mammals & fish considered.

We also seek paintings, books & ephemera. Anything considered.

G.W. Quatremain

Taxidermy, paintings & ephemera.

All required.

Anything considered.

Charles Kirk

Anything by Charles Kirk considered.

William Hine

We seek to purchase any items by William Hine.

Birds and ephemera particularly wanted.

Genuine Buyers Waiting

Taxidermy related ephemera wanted.

Genuine, original letterheads, invoices, photographs postcard, calling cards & ledgers all required by any taxidermists.

Anything considered.

Cased fish required

Fish by John Cooper, Griggs, Gibson, Anstist, Gunn & Barnes all sought.

Anything considered.


Any Taxidermy by T.E.Gunn wanted.

Also ephemera, images and books.

Prompt Cash Payments

Lammergeier Wanted

We urgently require a Lammergeier,
Mounted or legally acquired carcass.
Must be in very good condition, historical or modern.

Crested Tits wanted.

Preferably a pair, but more would be fine, must be V.G.C.

Mounted or legally acquired carcasses.

Anthropomorphic Taxidermy

Walter Potter & Potter type cases required, squirrels playing cards.

Anything considered.

Wall Domes required.