Why sell your taxidermy with us?

Probably the most significant reason would be cost.

We offer a cost effective option of SELLING YOUR TAXIDERMY with us, reaching a worldwide market of potential buyers.
All listings on our website are also included on our ever increasing worldwide mailing list which keeps collectors and buyers informed of updates and what we have available.
Our reputation for integrity and honest, accurate descriptions ensures unrivalled peace of mind for buyers, enabling us provide a second to none service.

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We believe
as such we have listed some points for your consideration.

Consideration for SELLERS

  • Competitive low one off cost.
  • Hassle and scam free listings.
  • One of most comprehensive, innovative Taxidermy websites in the UK.
  • British Historical Taxidermy – A name you can trust. (Please also see misinformation page)
  • No time restraints on listings (items remain listed till sold at no extra cost).
  • Website supported by our Global mailing list.
  • We proudly have an association with many major collectors and museums.
  • Our large customer base includes Private Collectors, Museums, Schools and Promotional companies, all of who peruse this website.
  • Our reputation for integrity ensures peace of mind for both buyers and sellers.
  • We operate a Managed wants list; as such we often have buyers waiting for specific items.
  • We also purchase taxidermy for those wanting immediate cash settlement.
  • Founder of British Historical Taxidermy Society – The UK’s leading historical taxidermy resource.

Consideration for BUYERS

  • Honest and accurate descriptions.
  • Prompt, courteous and discreet attention at all times.
  • Hassle and scam free.
  • No fees for buyers.
  • Our reputation for integrity ensures you can purchase with unrivalled confidence.
  • We are the most innovative promoters of Historical Taxidermy in the UK.

We welcome listing enquiries from Private Individuals, Collectors, Taxidermists, Dealers, Antique shops and anyone wishing to sell quality taxidermy via our website.

We assure you of a courteous response at all times

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Here we offer anyone wishing to sell Taxidermy an un-biased view of options available.

There are a number of Auction houses around the UK offering specialist sporting sales. Most have regular sales 2 or 3 times per annum.
This has always been a traditional method of disposal, however like any items sold via this method sometimes you win with higher than expected prices, sometimes you lose with lower than expected prices, that’s the chance you take and fun of the auction.
Sellers wishing to use this method are welcome to CONTACT US as we are more than happy to recommend a auction house in your locality should this be your preferred option.
Something one must bear in mind when selling via auction is, in recent year’s fees charged by auction houses have grown steadily. Most now charge between 10-20% + vat(some even more) but not only to the seller but the buyer also. Resulting in up to 50% paid in premiums and costs. Something prospective bidders are now all too aware of when bidding as this can add a significant difference to the overall cost.
That does not take into account transporting the item to the saleroom (and if not sold collecting again).

Sadly, online auctions have suffered somewhat from a number of problems that have become all too apparent with taxidermy buyers & sellers
Quiet often items are “run up” and occasionally unscrupulous bidders retract their bid in an attempt to check reserve prices or see how far others may go.
Of course this method usually has a time restriction imposed too.
Please check final fees as these can vary, but are likely to be around 10%.

Our guest items: Terms & Conditions.
Any item submitted for inclusion on this website must be lawfully obtained and (if required) is accompanied by the appropriate legal documentation giving lawful title to sell.
No Licence – No Listing!

All submissions must be accompanied by accurate, honest, descriptive text and contact details. (We DO NOT display your contact details, these are for our own records) In addition any fee payable.

We reserve the right to refuse, remove or amend any listing deemed as inaccurate, dishonest or unlawful without prejudice.

It is also the seller’s responsibility to notify us immediately a sale is concluded. This prevents unnecessary disappointment for others.