Nice mount in wall hanging case with data plaque

"Caught by K. Mansfield. Chigboro fisheries
26 - 4 - 1988 wgt 9lb 8oz

Very good condition
Case: Wall hanging case
Size: 39"w x 17.25" h x 7.5"d

Stock No: 181


Price: £260



Peter O'Connor

Uncased and unusual freeze dried specimen as seen in Peter O'Connors book -Advanced taxidermy
page 82

Good condition

Stock No: 904


Price: £110


Nice attractive glass front,side & top case
Peter O'Connor

Internal data label. The fish is mounted with open mouth showing the razorsharp teeth for which they are renown.

Stripped carcass adds very well to our perception of these fish.
Very good condition

Seen on page 77 of Peter O'Connors book

Dimensions: 19.5" x 12" x 6."



Stock No: 88



Price: £245


Nice attractive 'Cooper style' bow fronted case.
Circa 1970,s

No trade label.Internal data label
Bow glass with gold edging.

Cast example

Case: Bow fronted glass

Dimensions: 39" x 10.5" x 6.5"



Stock No: 72


Price: £225.00

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