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Rowland Ward


Pair in glass fronted case

Rowland WARD label to the rear .

Case measures 37" x 37" x 12 "

Guest Item

Stock No.: N/A

Price: £560

R. Septimus Gardner

Pair female /immature SMEW in 3 -sided case with labels inside
(small) and larger to the rear for
R. Septimus GARDNER of Tunbridge Wells.

Guest Item

Stock No. N/A

Price: £440

Black Woodpecker


Very good condition.

Case: Box Type - Glass front.
Dimensions: 12.5" x 19.5" x 8.5"


Stock No: 410

Price: £185

Pair of Long-tailed Tits

Mounted with pale blue backdrop with nice
groundwork and ferns.

Both birds are nicely mounted either side of a
reconstructed nest.

A very pleasing case

Very good condition.
Case: Glass front and sides with gold trim to front.
Dimensions: 18.5" h x 16"w x 6.75"d


Stock No:1159& 1159a

Price: £345

Pied Black Bird
J. Gosling of Tamworth Staffs

Victorian case, nice clean bird.

Case: Original glass front and sides. Label to rear.
Dimensions: 10" x 15" x 4.5"

Stock No: 407

Price: £215

Wrens and Nest

Pair of Wrens, Nest and Eggs (Replica)
A.J. Armitstead


Very good condition.
Case: Wall hanging case.
Dimensions: 14" x12" x 4.5"


Stock No.: N/a

Price £375

Pair of Crossbills, Hawfinch and Brambling
G.A. Topp, Reading.

Nice attractive case, label to rear.

Very good condition.
Case: Glass sides and front.
Dimensions: 11" x 18" x 5"

Stock No: 277

Price: £275

Victorian Dome containing Hummingbirds and Scarlet Tanager

Small oval dome containing 4 birds

Some damage to one Hummingbird mandible,other than that in overall good original condition.

Case: Original Victorian Oval Dome
Dimensions: 9" x 10" x 5"



Stock No: 148

Price: £145.00

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Nicely mounted bird in glass dome with hardwood base

Very good condition.


Dimensions: 12"h x 7" diameter







Stock No: 184



Price £175


Red Grouse
A.J. Armitstead

Nice case with watercolour backdrop

Very good condition.
Case: Wall hanging case
Dimensions: 25" x 18.5" x 7"


Stock No: N/a

Price: £395

Pair of Lesser Spotted Woodpeckers
A.J. Armitstead

Pretty hexagonal case. Recased Victorian birds.

Lovely watercolour backdrop

Very good condition.
Case: Wall hanging case.
Dimensions: 15" x 15" x4.5"


Stock No: N/a

Price: £445

Short - eared Owl

Modern Mount in wall hanging case with fine painted backdrop,

Mounted on a natural wood tree stump among grasses and fungi,

this really is a very attractive case.

Very good condition

Case: All glass wall hanging case.

Dimensions: 20"h x 20"w x 9" d





Stock No: 1173



Price: £395.00

Blue Tit
A.J. Armitstead

Picture frame case with water colour backdrop.
Signed and labelled.

Earlier style type of case.

Case: Glass sides and front.
Dimensions: 8.5" x 11.5" x 4"

Stock No: 185

Price: £185

Walter Mowle of Diss, Norfolk

(Willow Warblers and Whitethroats)

Nice case containing four Warblers, water colour back drop.

All original darkwood case with bun feet.

Label to rear.
Case: Glass sides and front.
Dimensions: 15.5" x 14" x 5"

Stock No: 170

Price: £250


Pair of Magpies
Ron Hussey

Fine examples mounted fighting over silver coloured neck chain.
Wall hanging mount with trade label.

Case: Wall hanging mount

Dimensions: 27" from wall



Great display piece





Stock No:2
& 2a

Price: £245





African Barn Owl

By Kim McDonald, Essex

This bird has the appropriate A10 licence.

Case: All glass case with lead bead

Dimensions: 19" x24.5" x 13"

Stock No: 084

Price: £230

Red Tail Hawk

Fine modern specimen mounted on natural wood branch

No A10 required.

Stock No: 001


Price: £320

J.Cooper & Sons

Nice example in an original bow-fronted case, typical Cooper groundwork. With 'mirrored' water effect.

Case: Bow-Fronted Case.
Dimensions: 17" x 17.5" x 9"

Stock No: 264

Price: £495

Mixed Duck
Teal & Goldeneye

Very attractive case by Hutchinson of Derby

Case: Box type glass front.
Dimensions: 25" x 27" x 9"

Stock No: 083

Price: £430

Ferruginous Hawk

A fine specimen of this large and impressive hawk

Nice colouring,modern mount

For sale to EU countries only

Case: All glass
Dimensions: 21.5" x 25" x 13"

Stock No: 96

Price: £550

Mexican Striped Owl

Wall hanging case by Tony Armitstead

Nice watercolour backdrop,modern mount

Fine bird

Case: Wall hanging case
Dimensions: 19" x 27" x 8


Stock No: N/A

Price: £625

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