Collecting Postcards is the third most popular collection hobby after stamps and coins. This is a hobby that has enjoyed a huge popularity for years.

Taxidermy & Natural History postcards have been produced for many years, mainly by museums as a form of promotion for their collections. This has resulted in many thousands of taxidermy related postcards being produced throughout the world, some now very sought after.

This aspect of subject has been enjoying a revival of interest in recent years. A growing number of collectors are recognising this is an enjoyable, inexpensive and fascinating way to enjoy taxidermy. Whether you are a beginner or established collector, we no doubt have something you will find of interest in our stock.

Collecting historical postcards provides a great insight in to some of the old collections and specimens, many of which no longer exist, whilst modern postcards create a fine visual record of many specimens and collections seen today.

We have in stock a large selection of Taxidermy and Natural History postcards both Historical and Modern from the UK and overseas.

We are constantly sourcing new stock and with that new postcards arrive constantly. Whilst we have not been able to list our complete stock as yet, we hope to frequently add to our website selection, however, whilst we do carry a large range of postcards, so are of limited availability.

Our postcard stock is constantly changing; as such, may we recommend our Managed Wants list for clients seeking a particular card.