No. Postcard Name

British Historical Taxidermy Society Postcards

BHTS001 Echalaz Collection
BHTS002 Kendal Museum Collection
BHTS003 Cooper Fish
BHTS004 Peter Spicer
BHTS005 Cooper Fish Limited Edition
BHTS006 Kendal Museum Collection No.2

Taxidermy Postcards

PC001 Hunterian Museum
PC002 Walrus - Horniman Museum
PC003 Polar Bear - Kendal Museum
PC004 Kendal Museum
PC005 Horniman Museum - North Hall Circa 1912
PC006 Lizard with Two Tails
PC007 Brent Goose
PC008 Barn Owl
PC009 The Death of Cock Robin
PC010 Monkey Riding Goat
PC011 The House That Jack Built
PC012 Lion & Buffalo - "Death Struggle" Rowland Ward
PC013 Gorilla Family Party
PC014 Kudu & Addax
PC015 African Savannah
PC016 African Forest and Swamp
PC017 Colobus Monkeys
PC018 Sable Antelope and Waterbuck
PC019 African Elephant
PC020 Wallace the Lion
PC021 Western Lowland Gorilla - Wollaton Hall
PC022 South American Bird Dome
PC023 A Friend in Need
PC024 The Lower Five
PC025 The Kittens Tea Party
PC026 White Tailed Sea Eagles
PC027 Liverpool Museum - Lower Horse Shoe Gallery
PC028 B.M. Natural History Museum - Main Hall
PC029 Lion
PC030 Brown Bear
PC031 Golden Eagle
PC032 Black Bear Group
PC033 Polar Bear Family
PC034 White Tailed Deer
PC035 Antler Arch
PC036 Antler Arch (Night-time)
PC037 Polar Bear (Foxes Glacier Mint)
PC038 Bengal Tiger
PC039 Bird Diorama