We DO NOT condone or support the illegal killing of wildlife for taxidermy purposes. We fully support legislation that protects wildlife and its habitat, not only in the UK but worldwide. As such, we give our full support wildlife agencies in their pursuit of wildlife crime.
All items on this website have been legally and ethically sourced and have the appropriate licences that comply with current legislation.

We hold a general licence for the sale of taxidermy. We also have all the relevant licences that are required by law for the items offered for sale.  Guest items are not accepted without such documentation.
Licences are available for inspection upon request.

As a conservationist I appreciate the beauty of wildlife in all its numerous forms. The need to conserve our planets finite resources has never been greater. Be it wildlife, natural resources or the habitats that sustain us, all needs to be protected and all needs to be conserved. More and more species are disappearing at an alarming rate and mankind will not be exempt from this. He may well be one of the last, but exempt he is not. Recycling is an important contribution we can all make to slow the process of destruction down, but we also need to educate and encourage the future generations of the importance of acting on these issues. Both recycling and education is something we very much support and encourage.

Taxidermy has been used as an educational tool for many years and continues to play an important part in educating and furthering our understanding of the natural world. Using taxidermy specimens in this way enables us to study and appreciate wildlife at close quarters and scientifically has enhanced our understanding; this in turn has supported many conservation projects throughout the world.
The modern taxidermy (post1947) offered for sale on this website has been ethically (and legally) obtained. The specimens we obtain are the result of road kill and natural deaths, mainly from breeders. Some are the result of cat kills but NONE are killed for the purpose of taxidermy.