As part of our service to customers we undertake Taxidermy and case restoration.

It is imperative that this work is carried out by the appropiate specialist to maintain an items value.

All too often we see poorly restored items some of which if done correctly would have significantly enchanced their appeal & value.

We use several specialist restoration experts, all of which work to a very high standard and excel in their particular field. This enables us to choose the right person for a particular job, which is very important. As with taxidermists, some restorers specialise in a particular way. By working this way we are confident of avoiding any disappointing standards for our customers, thus ensuring the end result is correctly achieved.

Bird, Fish and Mammal restoration.

Head & rug restoration.

Case restoration and repairs.

Groundwork restoration.

Cases mader to order.

Wall hanging
Box type
All glass
Bow fronted cases
Bow backed cases
Hardwood cases made to order

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