Well written book depicting differant taxidermic techniques. Including freeze drying. Appendix of eye sizes & colours. Colour & B/W photographs.

An ideal book for those wishing to learn the trade or advance thier skills.


A fine book covering all aspects of taxidermy. In good condition, this book contains a wealth of information. Includes line drawings and colour plates.


This book provides an easy to follow guide to traditional methods of taxidermy. A great inexpensive guide for anyone wishing to learn the art of taxidermy.


Packed with full colour photographs this book features the work of H. Murray and Sons held at Kendal Museum, Cumbria. The second in a series of 3 books recording this amazing collection.

A must have book for any Taxidermy Library!


This fine booklet provides a wealth of information for anyone restoring old cases of taxidermy. Chris has drawn on his vast experience in this field to produce an easy to follow, informative instruction.

An essential book for any taxidermy enthusiast