Since its publication this book has fast become recognised as the most comprehensive work on this iconic bird. A large & lavishly illustrated book, Errol has brought together almost all that is known about this bird and its sad demise in 1844 at the hands of mankind. Coloured & Black and white paintings throughout, many by Errol.


Errols excellent account of the most iconic of all extinct species.

A lavish absorbing & informative book. Colour & black/white paintings and photographs throughout, along with fine decorative end papers. Errol explores the myths, history & science behind the curious bird that inhabited the island of Mauritius.

The dodo has gained universal celebrity for all the wrong reasons becoming synonimous with natures struggle to survive against mans domination of the planet.

An excellent read.


Another fine book from Errol. Colour paintings and photographs throughout.
An extremely informative book providing accounts of these birds and there demise.


A fine history of many of the early collectors, namely Taxidermists, Scientists, Bird Trappers and Artists who made their career collecting for museums and research. A fascinating and comprehensive incite into some of the great collectors and great collections of the day.



136 pages crammed text and colour images of hunting trips seeking Shamois, Thar, Red Deer and Wapiti. Also contains amusing stories from the hunters themselves.